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2018 Already

Well, finally feeling like I'm joining 2018 after a long break over Christmas and New Year. Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year? Happy New Year!

Lots of things happening already.....

Since finding my music mojo again I have bought 'Reason' music production software and started making music.

I have forgotten how completely absorbing, addictive and fun the process is.

Already I'm working with choreographer, Oliver Scott and concept body fine artist Emma Fay on producing a piece of music for a live show later in the year.

There will be more collaborations and commissions happening very soon!

On the film production front, I have some nice promos in the offing.....

This month I start filming on a 6 month project for The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. They are delivering an exciting new music program in association with 7 amazing local musicians, Coventry City Council, Coventry Music Hub, Positive Youth Foundation. It's going to be brilliant!

I start filming a profile for excellent land and seascape artist, Don Mason this week, looking forward to getting really creative on that!

I'm also producing a film for the gem that is Market Hall Museum in Warwick. Such a great collection and offer. You should definitely pay them a visit.

That's all for now!

see you soon



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