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Full Steam Ahead Captain!

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Well, that was an eventful couple of weeks....

An abandoned shoot due to gale force winds, snow and rain. Who thought it was a good idea to film outdoors in a British winter?

A day filming at the lovely Market Hall Museum in Warwick, filming tots and their grandparents getting crafty, Oisin The Deer and all of the great exhibits at the museum. Great to meet everyone. Thanks Lou and Bronwen. Reams of lovely footage to sift through :)

Meeting an old old school friend, Lee Charlish of Korky Films to see if we can't cook up a plan or two around making films. I now have some scripts that he has previously developed and they are just brilliant! The festivals are not going to know what hit them.

Filming at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with Gaz and Jamie, the boiz are back in town to shoot a day long workshop and live performances, experimenting with incorporating electronic instruments and more traditional classical instruments. OOOH!

Rounding the week off with a bit of networking and promotion at The Midlands Business Network January Expo at NAEC, Warwick Hall, Stoneleigh Park. Greta to meet so many local businesses there. Well done Bethany and team for a top event!

Finally getting to shoot the 'rainsnowgaled' off artist profile for sea and landscape artist Don Mason over the weekend. Thanks Ross for the drone.

You can see and hear the teaser here...

Picture courtesy of Virtual Futures and the Department Of Economics, University of Warwick

Add to that mix, filming an evening with cryptocurrencies and forward thinking top chap Vinay Gupta for Virtual Futures at Warwick University and my head is proper spinning. Great working with Luke on that. Check out Virtual Futures.

And there is more...........but that's for another day.

Just got to get it all back to jam-AV central and start editing it all now. I may be some time :)

See you soon!


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