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I Go To Work For A Rest


thought I'd write a little update.

It's been a while and loads has been going on........

Since my last blog, there has been a trip to the Fire station, a stag party in Portugal, 2 Trinity Exam passes (with merit), 2 weddings (congrats Ozzie and Carrie, Ross and Fiona), a broken leg, Easter, a broken hand, concussion (hope you're feeling better boys) a 13 year wedding anniversary (love you Sian) a downed fence and a surf!

I literally do 'go to work for a rest' :)

It feels like an age since I worked on this but finally, a promo film I shot (with invaluable assistance from Jamie Sergeant and Gaz Openshaw) for great band, The Ellipsis new track (out now) 'Easy Knowing' is to be premiered at the Big Comfy Bookshop, Fargo Village, Coventry, Wednesday 18th April. The band will also be performing an acoustic set on the night. A chance for me to let what's left of my hair down :))

Me, Jen and Lee in pre-production for 'Scarecrow'.

Scarecrow, a dark comedy horror, a film written and directed by an old primary school friend of mine is nearing production. We are so lucky to have a really great crew, distinguished cast and some very generous contributors to boot. More on that in subsequent posts.

I'm so looking forward to sharing the film with you.

You can keep updated on our progress here........

SoundLab crew in action!

SoundLab, a 3 year project I am documenting (and occasionally making/ playing music for) for The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, with a brilliant group of musicians, is nearing the end of the recruitment phase and ready to start delivering music workshops and tuition to Coventry's young people. It really is a top project and will make a difference to those involved!!!

I had a real trip down memory lane for one of the in-school shows as it was at my old secondary school, Stoke Park School. I was even treated to a tour of the music department, where I also once taught music technology.

Ballet at the BAr(re), a beautifully playful piece, devised and choreographed by Oliver Scott of Mercurial Dance has been a real joy to be involved with. The clip shows rehearsals for the main sharing event which was hosted at Drapers' Bar in Coventry. Keep a look out for the promo edit and live shows.

new logo design by yours truly

and finally a few words about a project that is allowing me to combine a relatively new hobby, yoga and filmmaking.

I am in the process of working with my yoga teacher, Karen (Yoga with Karen) on upgrading her website and content.

I will be filming her and some students in a yoga class and also interview them about their yoga practice and why they chose Karen as their yoga teacher.

Keep watching for clips and website launch some time soon!

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